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American Made
by Imagine Talks

From the producers of the annual influencer speaker series Imagine Talks, the media production team at The Driveway, and the founder of the Asian America Foundation, Bay Area icon Rose Chung, viewers from across the globe will be introduced to trailblazing entrepreneurs in the new docuseries American Made.

American Made will feature in-depth interviews of AAPI leaders in business, community, politics, and entertainment showcased against the backdrop of their own neighborhoods. The goal is to profile the influencers while humanizing and celebrating the AAPI community through storytelling.

By bringing together our leaders and our roots through conversation, stories are shared from different perspectives, creating a comprehensive understanding of the Asian American experience. The growing roster of guests include the co-founder of one of Facebook's largest Asian American communities, Asian Hustle Network, Maggie Chui, Co-Founder of the fast growing mobile fashion app, Queenly, Trisha Bantigue along with Dr. Rachele Lam, a Stanford grad who is now a researcher at University of California at San Francisco and one of the few Asian American women practicing Chinese Medicine in the nation.

American Made is set to premiere the week of October 18th. The docuseries aims to partner with youth/college groups, mentorship programs, community organizations, and a mainstream distribution partner to help amplify the voices and stories of the Asian American experience. The journey will begin through the lens of the influencer, and will be carried through raw conversation with the owners of their neighborhood businesses -- often immigrants. The pandemic has been devastating to a majority of small business owners, they have been affected by the virus, xenophobia, racism, and crimes. The intention of American Made is to empower these communities towards the path of rebuilding.

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