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2019 Speakers

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Rana Gujral

Entrepreneur & Investor

Rana Gujral is an Entrepreneur, Executive, and Investor. Rana held leadership positions at Logitech S.A. and Kronos Inc., where he led the development of many award-winning engineering innovations. He then moved on to help Cricut Inc overcome their bankruptcy and become profitable within 2 years. He was also the founder of TiZe, a Cloud software for specialty chemicals and is also a columnist at TechCrunch & Forbes. Rana is a popular speaker, being the featured speaker at many summits across the world and earned a variety of personal and product awards and has been featured in many financial magazines and news channels.

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Kim Huynh

Senior Associate, Market Research & Publications Team at Tribe Dynamics

Kim Huynh graduated from Stanford in 2014 with an English literature degree. Not knowing what to do that, she worked as a patent litigation paralegal before quitting to pursue her childhood dreams of competing for Miss California and making a living as a writer. She is a former Miss Silicon Valley and a current senior associate at Tribe Dynamics, where she advises brands on their influencer engagement strategy and writes about beauty, luxury, and fashion trends on social media. She takes fiction and screenwriting workshops in her spare time, is applying to business school, and will be training for her first pole sport competition in April.

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Ashly Huntington

Creator & Investor

Ashly Huntington possesses a dynamic portfolio that spans entertainment, technology, & investment. She believes in drawing relationships between the unobvious, deconstructing & re-architecting predetermined systems for the better, and optimizing for universally useful outcomes. Most of all, she has an unquenchable thirst for finding solutions to hard problems that are worth it. With her eyes always focused on the long-game, Ashly has come to realize that the greatest villain in every story, in every endeavor, in every failed triumph, is society’s crippling desire for convenience. Her speech will be given on how this pervasive and overarching theme impacts us all and is a problem worth solving.


Crystle Wong

CEO & Co-Founder, Sparxo Inc

Crystle’s passion for life and for serving others has led her to the entertainment and events industry. As CEO of Sparxo, she utilizes her position to work with serious event organizers to enhance their brand and community through technology. Other than traveling the world working with event organizers and companies to utilize technology to enhance their brand, event experience, and ultimate goals, she serves and supports organizations around poverty, homelessness, and youth empowerment. For fun she helps her friends build their companies and enjoys connecting people to each other whether through the Sparxo network or her personal network.

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Savannah Pham

PhD Student, Southern Methodist University

Savannah Pham is a clinical psychology Ph.D. student at Southern Methodist University. She received her B.A. with honors in Psychology and Asian American Studies from Stanford University. Being raised by refugee parents has inspired her current work, conducting community-based research in order to better inform mental and behavioral health interventions in immigrant communities. Additionally, as a former Miss Asian America and the current Miss Vietnam USA '18-'19, Savannah works to incorporate her academic work into her pageantry by using her platform to raise awareness for mental health in her community.

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Sophia Ng

Miss Asian America 2018

Sophia is a mental health therapist serving Asian Pacific Islander youth, ages 5-18. Growing up, she was an avid baseball player but had a life shattering knee injury in her teens. Sophia was bed ridden for a year which caused a destructive spiral of depression and attempted suicide. Thankfully, her friends and family pushed her to seek mental health and helped her realize the importance of mental health, which has often been overlooked and neglected in Asian and even American cultures. Sophia works on advocating to destigmatize and humanize mental health solutions for all cultures.

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Uchka Jimsee

Miss Asian Global 2018

Uchka Jimsee is the Miss Asian Global 2018 title holder. She was born and raised in Mongolia and eventually traveled to California to continue her studies. Her hobbies include painting, sewing, cooking, reading motivational books and sports. She is working towards becoming one of Mongolia's professional fashion designers and spends her spare time working with children to develop their physical and mental health. Uchka is 18 years old and is currently a senior at George Washington High School.

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Sheila Sun

Miss Asian Global Entrepreneur & Miss Imagine Talk 2018

As a Master Connector able to communicate in many languages, Simmone is a natural at creating synergistic partnerships all over the world. An avid traveler who has worked in 10 countries (traveled to 50+), Simmone has advised and collaborated with Forbes Billionaires, Heads of State, and top CEO's on branding initiatives. Passionate about giving back, Simmone has helped build homes, schools and sustainable communities in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean with WE foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and Kalu Yala. ​Simmone is passionate about using comedy, training workshops, and speaking engagements to become a potent force for worldwide healing.


Ashley Song

CEO of Meaningful Beginnings Daycare & Real Estate Specialist

Ashley is the Founder & CEO of Meaningful Beginnings Daycare. The youngest child and only daughter in her family, Ashley had a precocious beginning after the divorce of her parents due to her father’s substance abuse. She often found herself growing up with the wrong crowd and eventually in a controlling marriage at an early age. She has since freed herself from that situation and is on new journey of self redemption and social impact. Her vision is to change the school system by creating a new teaching platform in lives of young children to help guide them in moral judgement and confidence building


April Yee

Board President, Kidpower International; Holistic Life Coach in Training

April worked in the private equity industry for over 10 years. After an emergency cardiothoracic surgery in 2015, April has been readjusting to life as a home-care provider for her aunt while completing a holistic life coaching program. While she is spending more time writing, a small passion of hers, April serves as the Board President of Kidpower International; the Board Secretary for Friends of Roots; the Chair of the Dr. Jennie H.Y. Yee Scholarship Fund at Galileo Academy of Science and Technology; a Councilor on the UCSC Alumni Council; and a Board member of the OCA-San Francisco Chapter.

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Stephanie Chuang

CEO & Founder,

Stephanie Chuang logged a decade of experience as an Emmy-nominated TV news journalist. The Bay Area native knew she wanted to pursue reporting after graduating Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. After her time as an anchor/reporter on the Central Coast in California and as a special projects reporter at NBC Bay Area, life took a sudden turn. In December 2016, she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, an aggressive cancer that required 700 hours of chemotherapy. Now in remission, she’s started her own company dedicated to help cancer patients and caregivers through diagnosis and treatment. Find more about her mission at

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Jack McCauley

Co-founder Oculus

Jack McCauley is an American engineer, hardware designer, inventor, video game developer and philanthropist. Jack is best known for designing the guitars and drums for the Guitar Hero video game series. Jack was also co-founder and chief engineer at Oculus, where he designed and built the Oculus virtual reality headsets. Oculus was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $2 Billion. Jack holds numerous U.S. patents for inventions in software, audio effects, virtual reality, motion control, computer peripherals, and game controllers. Jack also co-authored the Universal Serial Bus specification and is the inventor of the scrolling mouse.


Maristella Evangelista

Plastic Surgeon & Entrepreneur

Maristella followed the traditional Asian American route by becoming a surgeon. The deep engravings of what Asian Americans model minority lifestyle has been deeply engraved into Maristella. She has mindless lived through life feeling constrained and pressured to do everything herself; look a certain way; and compare herself with others. Maristella eventually realized that life is an individual journey not some template that others or society imposed on her. Maristella began to discover herself and begun to learn that life is a creative adventure where there is no limit in what is possible and that this is the loveable life worth living.


James Lew

2017 Emmy Winner, Actor, Stunt & Fight Choreographer

James Lew is an American martial arts actor. He is one of the Hollywood’s top fight choreographers and has worked on films internationally. He has made 80 on-screen film and television appearances and 46 more as a stunt coordinator or stunt double. He has done choreography for movies like Get Smart, Killers and the cult classic Big Trouble In Little China, as well as television shows such as National Geographic's Fight Science, The Crow and Entourage. He does Shaolin Kung-Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, Hapkido, and Boxing. He also trained Brad Pitt with sword fighting for the movie Troy.

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