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"Femaleness, Asianness, even beauty—the Miss Asian Global pageant aims to celebrate qualities that are often barriers in Silicon Valley"

 - WIRED Magazine Aug 15, 2018

The Miss Asian Global Pageant

is the sister event of Imagine Talks and celebrates many of its community leaders, such as...

Gina Su

Imagine Talks Speaker 2016

Miss Asian Global 2016

Life Coach & Actress

Samantha Mui


Imagine Talks Speaker 2018

Miss Congeniality 2017

Chef and Food Blogger

Crystal Lee

Imagine Talks Speaker 2023

Miss Cultural Attire 2016

Director of Operations, Imagine Talks Director of Operations, Miss Asian Global

Trisha Bantigue


Imagine Talks Speaker 2018

Miss Asian Global 2017

Co-Founder, Queenly 

Imagine Talks Forums Founder

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