"Femaleness, Asianness, even beauty—the Miss Asian Global pageant aims to celebrate qualities that are often barriers in Silicon Valley"

 - WIRED Magazine Aug 15, 2018

The Miss Asian Global Pageant is the sister event of Imagine Talks and celebrates many of its community leaders, such as...

Gina Su:

Imagine Talks Speaker 2016

Miss Asian Global 2016

Life Coach & Actress

Samantha Mui:

Imagine Talks Speaker 2018

Miss Congeniality 2017

Chef and Food Blogger

Crystal Lee:

Miss Cultural Attire 2016

Director of Operations, Imagine Talks Director of Operations, Miss Asian Global

Trisha Bantigue:

Imagine Talks Speaker 2018

Miss Asian Global 2017

Co-Founder, Queenly 

Imagine Talks Forums Founder