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Each year we gather some of the world's top thinkers and doers for a one-day exploration into the things to come. The Imagine Talks event was started in 2014 and focuses on women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and social impact. The success of Imagine Talks is based on the bringing together some of the world's most amazing speaker spanning many different fields of expertise converging into unique connections, ideas, and opportunities - limited only by imagination.

Alibaba Alum, Film Finance, Angel Investor

Alvin Lau is an angel investor and advisor in film projects and tech startups. He cofounded a Silicon Valley software company, which Alibaba Group acquired. He has been a business advisor to Netflix, Movielink, Fox TV Studios, and Intel Capital digital media companies. Alvin started his career in investment banking and private equity at the parent company of Orion Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn Pictures. Stanford MBA. UC Berkeley Engineering.


Alvin Lau




Amy Chanthaphavong

Islahoney Lifestyle Blog, Founder

Lifestyle blogger with a focus on women empowerment, mental health, and wellness. Volunteer Crisis Counselor for CrisisTextline.org (a global not-for-profit organization providing free crisis intervention via text message), recipient of Women on the Rise (SSF chapter)'s 2019 "Woman of the Year" award- award given to a woman who empowers and elevates women in her community. Philanthropy work for Charity:Water & The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Healing the Wounds of Your Past

Asia Hilario

Auric Nutrition & Wellness, Founder & CEO

Charlene Wang is the CEO, founder, and practicing Dietitian Nutritionist of Auric Nutrition & Wellness. The San Francisco Bay Area native is also a Professor of Nutrition, Health & Wellness. She hosts classes and guides meditation retreats for corporations throughout Colorado with plans to expand to the west coast. The former Miss Asian America is featured on FOX news and is a contributing writer for Doctors Quarterly magazine. Her expertise of nutrition, herbalism, energy healing, and meditation stemmed from an incident that forever changed her life. Charlene’s mission is to empower people to experience wellness and evolution through her practice of ancient medicine for the mind, body and soul.


Charlene Wang

Ph.D., UC Berkeley & Miss Asian America 2018

Darae Jun received her Ph.D. in Microbiology from UC Berkeley and B.S. in Environmental Science from UC San Diego. Her hope is to utilize microbiology as a tool to promote sustainability by discovering and optimizing bioenergy solutions.


Darae Jun

ABC7 News & Author

Dion Lim is a TV news anchor and reporter at ABC7/KGO-TV in San Francisco, CA and the author of Make Your Moment: The Savvy Woman's Communication Playbook To Getting The Success You Want. She has made her mark as a minority climbing the competitive TV news ladder. But she stands apart as a professional journalist who is willing to share her own stories with viewers and readers, as well. A sought-after speaker and emcee, she has hosted events with everyone from news legend Dan Rather to Hollywood celebrities like Patrick Dempsey, to community groups and leadership conferences. She was named one of Broadcasting and Cable Magazine's top 24 leaders in media and is the recipient of multiple Emmy awards.

Communication and Authenticity

Dion Lim

Sentek Global, Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur, investor and corporate manager | Specific expertise in cyber security solutions, marketing to government and commercial executives, International business, and leadership of small to medium organizations | EMBA Anderson Business School, UCLA. | B.S. Molecular Biology San Jose State University | Former SEAL Officer, U.S. Navy

Leadership lessons from the SEAL Teams

Eric Basu

Behavioral Therapist, MA Clinical Psychology, Miss Asian Community Service 2018

Believing there is good in everyone is what Jaclyn has known to do at a young age. From being exposed to people with different disabilities because of having a brother with autism, to helping military families through their grief, after her own father was killed in action in Iraq - finding hope is her drive. Through her own suffering, she was determined to pursue her educational career by double majoring in English Literature and Psychology for her undergrad, and earned a MA in Clinical Psychology. She has dedicated her life to finding the beauty in everything and has taken a bigger step in spreading hope by creating her nonprofit called Dreamaker Foundation.


Jaclyn Mariano




Jen Louie

Fitness Entrepreneur and Storyteller

Joseph Ilustrisimo is a fitness entrepreneur, personal and group trainer, photographer, videographer, and storyteller.   Joseph has an independent personal training business called Redefined MVMT where he teaches individual clients and groups how to gain strength, get out of pain, and live more healthy lives. He is also a Founding Trainer with Dryft, a fitness start-up in San Francisco. He is passionate about creativity, health, wellness, and equality. This California native wants to make the world a better place by impacting online at a time through story, movement, and giving.

The Journey of Becoming a Man

Joseph Ilustrisimo

Lash Boutique San Francisco, Founder

Born without opportunity, Josie went ahead and created them herself. Taking you through the journey of how everything fell into place and now it’s time to pay it forward, unconditionally.

My Journey back to Unconditional Love

Josie Li

Award Winning Actress and Martial Artist

JuJu Chan – BSc Computer Science & Math, MPS (NYU-Tisch), is an award winning actress, known by the Hong Kong press as the Female Bruce Lee. She won several medals, including gold, while on the Hong Kong National Taekwondo Team, and is a winner of a Muay Thai Championship Belt. Beauty queen, song writer/singer and musician for her own award winning album, author of two published books, JuJu is best known for her role as Zan in Netflix TV series, Wu Assassins, where she performed all her own fights. JuJu is also a long-time supporter of Habitat for Humanity.

Diversity and Women Empowerment

Juju Chan

Asians@ Global Chair, Airbnb


The Power of Confrontations

Mable Huang

Miss Asian America 2019

Melanie is passionate about guiding others to their maximum potential — she is a career advisor for students at Built By Girls and a Technical Recruiter in the Silicon Valley. But while she thought she had figured out all the keys to success, her life took a turn when she experienced depression after unexpected heartbreak and career burnout. Melanie was able to overcome this dark period of her life through a challenging mental shift in her priorities, sources of validation, and perspective on life. Today, it is her mission to advocate for the power of positive thinking in order to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

The Importance of Overcoming Negative Self-talk

Melanie Wardhana

UC Berkeley Senior & Professional Ballerina

As a dancer, Miko has received worldwide recognition, including the Gold Medal at the Moscow International Ballet Competition. Miko received a contract with the Birmingham Royal Ballet in England at the age of 17 years old as she danced and taught in over 20 countries. She is now a graduating student majoring in Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley and researching brain cancer therapies at UCSF. She is also the Conservatory Director of San Jose Dance International, a non-profit arts organization with a mission to give dancers the chance to give back to the community.

Reinventing Your Life and Career 

Miko Fogarty

BetterBrave, Founder & CEO

Tammy Cho is CEO and founder of BetterBrave, a nonprofit that empowers employees with knowledge and tools for navigating harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. BetterBrave has equipped thousands of workers across America and is recognized as a trusted resource by global movements like TIME'S UP and by national outlets including NYTimes, Glamour, Mashable, HuffPost, and Forbes. Previously, Tammy co-founded Encore Alert, an AI platform that helps brands like IDEO, Denver Broncos, and the University of Michigan identify and act on emerging trends, crises, and influencers in their industry. She started the company as a college freshman at Georgetown University and sold it in 2016 at age 21. Tammy has also been recognized as an NBC Asian America's A to Z Rising Star in 2018, Georgetown Entrepreneur of the Year, Hubspot Inbound's 22 Under 22, and a Power Woman in DC Tech.


Tammy Cho




Vivan Xie

Building Education & Entrepreneur, Founder

Wendy Shew is Founder of Building Education For-Purpose Organization 501(c)3 that serves to build schools and provide education in developing countries in efforts to eliminate poverty. Her Mission is to Build 1,000 schools and touch 1,000,000 lives. She studied Aviation in school, learned to fly a plane and graduated with a BS in Aviation Management. After working for an Aerospace Company as a Jet Engine Specialist she found her true calling in Philanthropy, making a difference in the World. She is an accredited Life Coach that believes everyone has a True Purpose in Life and it is their Mission to Live It Out.


Wendy Shaw

2017 Emmy Winner, Actor, Stunt & Fight Choreographer

James Lew is an American martial arts actor. He is one of the Hollywood’s top fight choreographers and has worked on films internationally. He has made 80 on-screen film and television appearances and 46 more as a stunt coordinator or stunt double. He has done choreography for movies like Get Smart, Killers and the cult classic Big Trouble In Little China, as well as television shows such as National Geographic's Fight Science, The Crow and Entourage. He does Shaolin Kung-Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, Hapkido, and Boxing. He also trained Brad Pitt with sword fighting for the movie Troy.


James Lew

Venture Partner, Alsop Louie

Ernestine Fu is an angel investor and venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. She is most recognized for her role in funding, advising, and leading the boards of multiple startups for the past six years. In 2011, Ernestine was featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine for her venture capital work and leading startup financing deals at a young age. Her investments focus on cybersecurity, big data, gaming, and disruptive technology. Outside of investing, she is also a best-selling author, a lecturer at Stanford University, and philanthropist. Ernestine is strong supporter of the Asian American community in San Francisco, funding restaurants like Mister Jiu’s in Chinatown and championing cross-border startup investments.


Ernestine Fu