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Each year we gather some of the world's top thinkers and doers for a one-day exploration into the new innovations to come. The Imagine Talks event started in 2014 and focuses on women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and social impact.


The success of Imagine Talks is based on bringing together some of the world's most amazing speakers, spanning many different fields of expertise converging into unique connections, ideas, and opportunities—limited only by imagination.

Simon Twu

Actor, Shang Chi: The Legend of The Ten Rings, Lee'd The Way

Simon Twu is an Actor, Producer, Singer, and Philanthropist currently based in Los Angeles, California. With his energetic personality, eagerness to learn, and positive approach to life, Simon Twu brings a vibrant edge to the industry. Wowing the hearts of thousands of fans in over 80 international commercials, Simon Twu is a triple-threat Bi-Lingual/Bi-Cultural actor with nearly two decades of experience in the film industry.


Lisa Yan

Miss Asian Global

Lisa Yan is the current Miss Asian Global and a software engineer at Waymo who decided to run in the pageant to challenge herself and meet new people. She hopes to go to business school and combine her interests in tech and fashion to start her own company one day.


Amelia Tu

Miss Universe Canada

Amelia Tu is currently the reigning Miss Universe Canada and is pursuing a dual bachelor's degree in Biology and Business at UC Berkeley. She is passionate about environmental sustainability and has established her company called Organic Code, which includes an organic skincare collection and sustainable clothing line.


Crystal Lee

MIss Chinatown USA

Crystal is an Executive Assistant at Life 360 and supports the CPO, VP of Product Engineering, and VP of Device Engineering. She is the Pageant Director for the Miss Asian Global Pageant and the Operations Director for the Imagine Talks Conference focused on women empowerment, technology, and innovation.

Crystal Lee.JPG

Cynthia Maxey

People Operations, Firebrand Artisan Bread

Cynthia's work includes serving as the first hire at a VC firm where she helped grow the firm's capital under management from $7M to over $43M, and Director of Partnerships at Naturally Bay Area where she helped grow the organization to over 300 members, Coordinator for CalFounders, UC Berkeley's entrepreneurship alumni group, and helped grow membership to over 700 startups, and Founder of Food Funded entrepreneurship fair now in its 13th year. 


Makenna Ma

Student/Educator, UCSD

Makenna is an 18 year old Chinese-American college student studying at UC San Diego. She is passionate about childhood education and appreciating the joys in life. In her free time, she loves to watch movies, eat new foods, and dance with her school’s ballet company.

 Makenna Ma.jpeg

Tara Sood

Senior ER Physician, Kaiser

Dr. Tara Sood is a Board-Certified Emergency Physician with expertise in Disaster Response and Refugee Care.  She has used medicine as a platform to advocate for displaced people by working in multiple refugee camps around the world, including Kutupalong Rohingya Refugee camp in Bangladesh, the largest refugee camp in the world.

Tara Sood.jpg

Bonnie Lin

Strategic Partnership Director, SV2

Bonnie is a  strategy advisor, investor, and speaker with over 20 years of experience driving growth and innovation in public, private and nonprofit sectors. She oversees fundraising, impact investing, and strategic partnerships at Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2) and Managing Director of The Rainmakers Global, where she advises APAC family offices, corporates, and governments on innovation portfolio strategy.

Bonnie Lin.JPG

Chris Deaver

Culture Consultant, Disney, Pixar, Apple

Chris Deaver worked the dream at Apple and Disney, creating breakthrough content like Different Together and Collaboration by Design, inspiring teams shaping iProducts and Star Wars experiences. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur.

Chris Deaver.png

Skylar Tang

Award Winning Student Musician

Skylar Tang is a sixteen-year-old musician. As a junior, she has emerged as one of the nation’s top high school trumpet players and composers, having recently performed with the NYO Jazz Orchestra, attended National YoungArts Week as a finalist, and won the Jazz at Lincoln Center Essentially Ellington Big Band Composing and Arranging Contest.

Skylar T..JPG

Ranjan Dey

Chef and Restaurant Owner, New Delhi

He is the founder of Compassionate Chefs Café and he has worked with more than one hundred non-profit charitable organizations in San Francisco. Above all he is an educator. He believes that we are all citizen of the world. His diversity program about India can be described as an edutainment to celebrate the diversity in the American society.

 Ranjan Dey.jpg

Chris Tran & Holly Paul

Co-founder, Mizo

Meet Chris Tran & Holly Paul, the co-founders behind MIZO Hard Seltzer. As first-generation Asian Americans inspired by the fruits they grew up eating at home (thanks mom and dad), they launched Mizo Hard Seltzer in June 2021. They believe that differences are embraced now more than ever and that we don’t really need another black cherry hard seltzer – they believe it’s time for Asian fruits and flavors to be given a chance to be celebrated on our super market shelves. 

Chris Tran.jpg

Yen Phan

Food Blogger, foodiswhyimbroke

Yen is a digital art director, photographer, designer, and an avid eater. Her unstoppable curiosity and appetite is why she ends up in a new country every few months. Her photos make up the content for her popular Instagram, @foodiswhyimbroke.

 Yen Phan.JPG

Dina Zheng

Product Manager, Docusign

With experiences in building her own products as the sole developer to restrategizing company hiring processes, Dina has grown to become an adaptive and flexible individual with strong communication, leadership, and technical skills. What keeps her motivated is being able to solve problems with creative and analytical solutions in an empathetic way.

Dina MC.jpg
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