What Imagine Talks Is All About

Imagine Talks is a network collaboration of the Asian America Foundation and Edge Interns focused on the mission of women’s empowerment, social impact, and entrepreneurship. We inspire the community to make a difference in the world by promoting mentorships and fostering growth through sharing ideas of innovation, art, and stories of humanity.

Change Starts With You

Imagine Talks

February 4th-5th, 2021

Starting at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time

Watch Imagine Talks 2021 for free: Here!

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2021 Speakers

Jim Kwik

Best Selling Author, Limitless

Fireside Chat Guest 

Cynthia Gouw.jpg

Cynthia Gouw

Emmy Winning Journalist

Imagine Talk

Tim Hwang.jpg

Tim Hwang

Founder & CEO, FiscalNote

Fireside Chat Guest 


Jennifer Tzeng

Violinist and Music Instructor

Fireside Chat Guest 

Benny Luo.jpg

Benny Luo

Founder, Next Shark

Fireside Chat Guest 

Michelle Hanabusa.jpg

Michelle Hanabusa

Founder, Uprisers

Fireside Chat Guest 

IMG_4201-3-Caroline Kieu Linh Valverde-c

Kieu Linh Valverde

Professor, University of California, Davis

Imagine Talk

Bryan Pham.png

Bryan Pham

Co-Founder, Asian Hustle Network

Fireside Chat Guest 

Cary Hokama.jpg

Cary Hokama

Author, Own Your Self

Fireside Chat Guest 


Olivia Wong

Senior Partner, Prototype Thinking

Miss Asian Global 2020

Fireside Chat Guest 


Lan Ho

Founder, Fat Miilk

Miss Asian 1st Princess 2020

Fireside Chat Guest 

Diamond Rypka.png

Diamond Rypka

Founder, Asian Tales 

Imagine Talk

Mindy Park.jpg

Mindy Park

Co-Founder, M-Course

Fireside Chat Guest


Noelani Dacascos

Actor & Student

Fireside Chat Guest

Linda Park.jpg

Linda Park

Actress, Star Trek Enterprise

Fireside Chat Guest 

Tom Chi.jpg

Tom Chi

TedX Speaker, Inventor

Fireside Chat Guest 

Alicia Zhou.jpg

Alicia Zhou

Chief Science Officer, Color

Fireside Chat Guest 


Eric Basu

Sentek Global, Founder & CEO

Fireside Chat Guest 

Minita Gandhi.jpg

Minita Gandhi

Actress and Playwright, Muthaland

Fireside Chat Guest 

Tony Lam.png

Tony Lam

Co-Founder, Omni Bev

Fireside Chat Guest 

Afia Ofori Mensa.jpg

Afia Ofori-Mensa

Director of Presidential Scholars Program

Princeton University

Fireside Chat Guest 

Maggie Chui.jpg

Maggie Chui

Co-Founder, Asian Hustle Network

Fireside Chat Guest 

Samantha Mui.jpg

Samantha Mui

Author, Melting Pot

Fireside Chat Guest 

Vy Vo.jpg

Vy Vo

Physician Assistant

Miss Asian America 2020

Fireside Chat Guest 

Daisy Chung — Business 2.jpg

Daisy Chung

Field Account Executive, Orum

Miss Asian California 2020

Imagine Talk

Michelle Duong.jpg

Michelle Duong

Founder, Operation Be Kind

Fireside Chat Guest 

Megan Park.jpg

Megan Park

Co-Founder, M-Course

Fireside Chat Guest

Tara Nash.jpg

Tara Nash

Miss Asian San Francisco 2020

Mistress of Ceremonies

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Organizers (in alphabetical order): Crystal Lee, Cindy Chiu, Eranthe Mitome, Francis Kong, Jenny Favela, Sidney Siu

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